Monday, 5 July 2010

All the good things you need to check out today

Tonight, at this rather late hour (thanks to a lovely surprise visit and a chatty evening spent chatting away, looking out to the garden and knitting away), here are some short and sweet suggestions for virtual visits and support:

- The Hadrian's walkers have started making their way, well, along the Hadrian's wall unsurprisingly. They are raising funds for the Joseph Salmon Trust to support parents who have lost a child. Please consider donating here and help them reach their ambitious target.

- This months Bilingual Carnival has been up for a few days, make your way over for a great and varied read from blogging parents who are raising their children bilingually (or more)

- If you, like me, are interested or exploring babywearing, make sure not to miss the Babywearing Carnival for all you ever wanted to know about wearing your baby.

Now, here's for the things I'd like to know:

- How far can feet swell up before they explode in a puff and leave behind lakes of water?

- Is Cubling testing my interrupted sleep ability in case I've forgotten what it was like, by waking and walking the house now not once, not twice, nay thrice a night? (Apparently she dreams her teddy bear is running away into our neighbours' houses and to a pink dinosaur at the end of our road and he's so far ahead of her that she can't catch him, or is afraid to do so because of the dinosaur)

- Am I mad to have spent what I did last Saturday on a yarn sale while clearly on an adrenalin rush?

- How come I'm coughing again?

- Can someone come up with the perfect baby boy name, because we're kinda stuck if this one is going to be a boy? (We're alright for a girl's name)

- Why doesn't anyone comment anymore? Is anyone reading, have I said something?

On this philosophical note I leave you and wish you a good night, and in anticipation of some sleep for myself for a change.



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