Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Nursing pillow - ticked

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My bump looks like I'm about to give birth. Yes, I still have 7 weeks to go, or going by my experience last time, maybe 9. That's a scary thought, because already I'm carrying Loch Lomond in my feet and can't imagine my bump can grow any further.

Still I'm kind of living in denial and haven't made any preparations. No equipment, no nothing. I don't even manage to put a list together of stuff that we need.

I've also been asked what I would like for the baby as a present. I really appreciate that question because I much prefer sharing my preference than receiving something that we don't really need and which won't get used. But I can't for the life of me think of anything. Ok, I'm looking for a baby carrier (the one I have in mind is too expensive to be on a wish list) and size 1 shaped cloth nappies (again, a set is on the expensive side and my favourite brand now makes them birth to potty size, which is good in theory but rather rubbish if you already have size 2). Bouncy chair and moses basket will be borrowed because they may or may not work with baby and I'm not going to spend money on something that is not used, while I'm happy to buy the alternatives of the co-sleeper (already bought) and electric swing (they always pop about second hand and I'm far too frugal to buy it new). Sterilizer might be useful for just in case situations, but not essential as hob and pot would do. That's as much as I can think of. Clothes, blankets are ticked, and I simply can't think of anything else.

A nursing pillow was still on my wish list - I was given one which is ok, however,  I'm looking for a very specific style, the (borrowed) one which I used last time for at least a year, so it was definitely getting good use. So when I received an invitation to review Boppy, a nursing pillow which looked very much the part and is also rather pretty, I jumped at the opportunity. From the website it looked like just the nursing pillow that I'm looking for, the type that really makes breast feeding easy on your back and comfy for both mum and baby. Today it came through the post in a lovely bag which was a hit with Cubling.

I had to giggle a bit because I'm probably the worst person ever to test this nursing pillow because I have a rather big bump in the way... So I gave it to hubby and tried it on myself over the bump to much general amusement. The great thing about this nursing pillow is that it's very firm. I like that. It's the type where you can lay baby on and it's well supported while nursing. It'll also be great as a sitting aid once baby can sit but not yet unaided.

It offers very pretty fabric covers which are washable, which makes them hygienic. The one I got sent is a bit pink for my liking (especially should this baby be a boy) but nevermind, it's pretty and Cubling will love it. There are lots of other covers which are not so pink, so you'll be spoilt for choice.

The one criticism I would have is that it's a bit on the small side, especially around the sides. It'll be great for nursing a baby in cradle position, but not so good for side nursing - there doesn't seem to be enough space to place baby securely. It may work in the first few weeks but I doubt that I could do that nursing position with a baby older than 3 months with this pillow. Which may be all you need, and you could always use another pillow/cushion at the side if needed (or even extend the space with an armrest).  Similarly, the general size of it is a bit on the small side - I'm not a small person and can see that especially in the first weeks when I'll still have some bump and extra kilos left, it'll be a bit small on me. It does stretch though and it will do, just that it could be a bit bigger for slightly bigger women (and definitely for women who are more than slightly bigger).

So on the whole I'm pretty happy with it, the firmness of it is the greatest asset as it won't slip on your waist, and does lift baby significantly when seated. It's so firm that it could almost work as a babycarrier (although I wouldn't recommend doing that), so if that's what you like, Boppy is just the right nursing pillow for you, provided you're not a size 16 or above (that's an estimate).

To tell people about the nursing pillow, they've designed a little game, Mom's Revenge, which you can play if you fancy it - it offers some playful and useful advice and myth-busting on breast feeding and how to make your mother in law and your other half do the slave labour be a supportive family member.

Wanna play? See if you can beat my high score!

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