Friday, 30 July 2010

filed under the category of yuck

Welcome home...
When we came home from two days away there was a smell.
I was sure there was a smell.
The smell of rotten food.
Just that it was in the conservatory, where we don't normally consume food.
I looked, and couldn't find it.
I thought I was imagining things or that it was coming from the plant pots.
Still, I continued the search after bedtime.
And found the culprit (and remembered how it got there - I blame my 11 month old niece of course, who had played with it and left it just there, rather than taking it to the bin, as 11 month olds are meant to do)
Mental note: don't forget about gummed clementines.
Reassuring that I can still trust my sense of smell.
Sorry I couldn't help but share this with you, but at least I didn't use it for the Gallery theme of "nature", did I now?



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