Thursday, 29 July 2010

The dancer

Tuesday was wedding day. A midweek wedding in a beautiful Scottish location, only half an hour away from Glasgow. It wasn't Cubling's first wedding, but  the first time she had to contemplate what a wedding was. She was clear that she wanted to get married to, preferably to mummy, which we explained wasn't possible on a number of counts. Nevermind, there would be cake and a dance.

Most importantly for the dance, I'd manage to finish my first independent sewing project ever. Independent in the sense of not having a sewing tutor to answer questions. A project worked from a pattern all by myself. It took me a good while - not because the pattern was particularly difficult (it wasn't basic either though) but because sewing is still new to me and it's like deciphering a new language. Above all I wanted to make sure not to mess up and end up without a special dress for my special girl. Admittedly, there's a bit of transfer going on, it's not easy looking glamourous at 8 months pregnant when the dress you wanted to wear no longer fits. The least I could do is to have a pretty dress for my daughter.

Amanda at Kitschy Coo designed the dress and wrote up the pattern which (and I'm living proof) is fool proof. Lots of steps and images that give you a fair idea of what to do, but also the satisfaction of completed steps and opportunities to spread over a good few evenings. I'm sure I could sew it in 2-3 evenings now, but it took me a good bit longer. The fabric also came from her in her latest sale, and I absolutely adore the fabric for both sides of this reversible party frock. The colours may not go together perfectly (which isn't a problem as you can[t see the relevant other dress), but Cubling was quite an eye catcher for turning up in a second dress for the ceilidh. I left out the optional sash due to lack of time and actually quite liking the dress as is. It's a size 4 years, and there is still plenty of room and wear to be had out of it.

When I asked her today what she liked best about the wedding, it was the dance. And she particularly liked dancing in her extra special dancing dress.
Behold the dancer:



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