Saturday, 10 July 2010


There is this myth that if you're pregnant, you can't expect a good night's sleep. It is not a myth I subscribe to because when I was pregnant with Cubling, I slept like a log. I slept surreal hours, an hour after work, and at least another 9 hours at night. I even slept during early labour.

Now I'm rather jealous of those times myself. Some of the reasons I don't get sleep:
-toddler dreams of pink dinosaurs at the end of the street
-toddler dreams of spencer bear running off or jumping out of the window
-toddler needing the toilet or pretending to need the toilet
-toddler walking the house because she's scared of her room, her bed, you name it
-toddler waking and walking the house every 20 minutes between my bedtime and 3am
-toddler waking up at 7am at weekends (though impossible to get to rise at the same time during the week)
-baby kicking/stretching incessantly when I lie on my side
-backache when I lie on my back to get a break from baby kicks
-some bird or another making constant noises that really don't pass for bird song
-coughing my lungs out

We've tried explaining to Cubling that she should stay in bed, unless she's scared or needs the toilet. So she now always needs the toilet and/or is scared when she gets up. And she's probably not even lying so I'm a bit at a loss as what to do about this.

It's all doable at the moment, though not ideal, but throw in a newborn in the equation and you'll see the sweat appear on my forehead.



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