Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Force of Nature

There is no way I can miss this week's Gallery theme and yet having been away for a couple of days there I'm somewhat limited as to which picture(s) to choose.

Limited because to me the greatest force of nature is my daughter. Her intensity, and the way she interacts with nature, is what fascinates me. However, to protect her, my policy is not to show her face, a face that tells the story of her interaction with nature, which is the theme that I often explore when taking photos of her. So part of the story is missing, but part of it is told, and maybe sometimes leaving a bit to the imagination is not a bad thing and can sparkle the imagination.

There are many more photos of her running about, hiding in trees, climbing trees, balancing on fallen trees. She enjoys looking for rockpools and finding crabs, and generally exploring the seaside. She loves running through grass, planting, watering and harvesting. When she's outside, her character is balanced, her energy doesn't need to be channelled, she is in tune. It is a time for me to relax with her, and enjoy - rather than the two extremes we get indoors, between boundless energy and noise, or hours of down time in mummy's arms. When in nature, she is independent, confident and looks older than her age. When in nature she is whole.

So here is Cubling throughout the seasons, exploring, getting to know, getting to love nature:






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