Wednesday, 24 June 2009

27 months today...

oh nice Kette mummy. (On wearing a bracelet for the first time in years).
That's better mummy. (random comment on changing my clothes or shoes)
Bruecke Bahn! (when spotting a train bridge)
Truthahn! (to a weather cock on a tower - I didn't even know she knew the word)
Leuchtturm! (to a pylon...)
Leave me alone, no push me, I selbst! I do that! (whining starts because she can't manage) ... mummy helpen!
Cubling: My mummy! Daddy: yes this IS your mummy. Cubling: no, MY mummy.
Stop it mummy! Stop it doggy! Stop it xyz (substitute as appropriate)
Watch your fingers Dennis! (to the tiler working away at the tiles)
My Brust, milk. (points to her breast and giggles. No, not yet darling)
Mouse deep dark wood (randomly reciting the Gruffalo)
Mummy read book vor! (she can do separable verbs, even if the verb is half English)
I hier! I back! (just in case I hadn't noticed...)
Drive! (at traffic light) Oh, red Ampel. Warten. Green light. Drive!
I pullen (English word, German ending)
Elefantens (German word, and just to make sure we know it's a plural, lets add both German and English plural endings)
Clever boy mummy! (Nice to get praise for doing a wee on the loo)

Favourite past times: water painting everything, painting with real colours, watering plants, figuring out what a scooter is for, running away from mummy, watching Pocoyo, sleeping, trying to get dressed herself and getting us out of bed/dressed by pulling eyes open shouting WAKE! and bringing us clothes to put on, putting dolly to sleep in toy buggy by shuggling and singing twinkle twinkle little star, buying green top milk, kicking balls, swing parks and cousin's top notch playhouse. Pretending to mow the lawn and go shopping.

General enthusiasm about the world and its items. She can do colours (except red, which often still gets called green), count to 13 in English, to 10 in German, she'll pretend to spell, she can spot and name the number 6, spot a few other numbers without naming them, spot name S and O and A and i, distinguish between gross and klein when it comes to letters. And laptops are clearly meant for watching Mr Tumble and playing on the In the Nightgarden Website. Blogging? Checking emails? Stop it mummy! All done (closes lid).

Who can argue with a 27 month old?


Metropolitan Mum said...

Happy birthday! I am so looking forward to the first words. What will it be? German? English? Swedish? Swenglish? Genglish?

Too cute!

Margarita said...

Aww, so so cute :)



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