Monday, 29 June 2009

put your creative hats on!

My 90th anniversary of Save the Children hat knitting book is coming on well.

One thing I haven't got sorted is a title.

The project is about Save the Children's work. It celebrates the Knit One Save One campaign (where hats were knitted to literally save children from dying in their first year of life). It's the 90th anniversary of the charity. It's a book of hat knitting/crotchet patterns. It celebrates Save the Children's work.

I need a snappy title around those themes. Suggestions can be left in the comment box and if I pick yours, I'll knit you or your child a beautiful hat as a prize, pattern taken from the book of course!

My initial ideas: feathers in your cap - a hat in time - saved by the hat

I'm sure someone can come up with something better?!


SandyCalico said...

'Save the Hat'? Erm, 'Keep Your Hat On'? Sorry, they're not that good. I found 'Knitting for Noggins' on Google!
I like your suggestion of a hat in time. Good luck with the book x

Kat said...

Isn't knit one, save one a brilliant title on it's own?

cartside said...

Thanks Sandy!

Kat, it is indeed, I shy away from it because it's been used so much and the book is more than just this campaign. Will consider it though.



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