Friday, 26 June 2009

short and sweet

Blogging is taking a back seat this weekend, although I have about 7 posts raring to go, but no time to finish.
-Sunshine, BBQ/Birthday Party
-I joined a book group, first meeting on Monday and I'm on page 16 of the book. Oh dear. If anyone is asking, the book is Chinua Achebe - Things fall apart. I'm a fast reader and it's a short book, I should be able to do it if it weren't for the fab weather (I'm not complaining, really)
-tired. I've survived on about 6 hours/night sleep for 2 weeks, and it's showing

Update on recycle week: I failed. It was a stupid silly daft lack of concentration. I went clothes shopping. Somehow my no plastic bag pledge was all connected with food shopping, so when I went into a clothes shop I never even thought about taking a bag. And only realised my mistake a full day later. Oh dear. On the plus side, I was seriously running out of plastic bags so it will be reused good and proper. Other than that, no plastic bags picked up from any shops.

I'll be reading my book now. Enjoy the sunshine (if you're in Scotland ;) )


Maternal Tales said...

Oh I'm so with you on the carrier bag pledge - was equally as silly and just connected it with big supermarket shopping. Alas when I pooed round the corner for birthday part present I totally forgot and accepted plastic bag only to realise half way home. Oops.... Hope you have a great weekend x

The wife of bold said...

Not to worry i failed my task too - it's sooo hard!!! I'll be cleaning my oven all next week boo hoo!



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