Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday Weigh In No 1

Thanks to Metropolitan Mum, I've come across the Blog to Fit Blog and their Wednesday Weigh In. It's all about trying to lose weight and getting motivated by stepping on the scales once a week and owning up rather publicly to what the scales say.

So here's why I'm joining: when I spent a night at hospital for monitoring due to my recent miscarriage, I was asked for my weight. To be honest, I didn't know because I don't step on scales a lot. I gave them an estimate, of somewhere between 65 and 70 kg. While I had put on a bit of weight recently, I'd blamed it on being pregnant. That excuse is gone, I have trouble fitting into any clothes and I do not want to succumb to going up a dress size. However, what tipped me over when I checked up on my weight and discovered that I was closer to 75 kg than to 70 kg, nevermind my wishful thinking of 65kg.

That's 10kg more than I weighed 6 months after giving birth. It also means I'm officially overweight. So, my aim is to lose at least one stone, or 14 lbs, roughly 6.5 kg.

I waited a week with the start, simply to make sure I was well enough to go on a diet. So here's my baseline Wednesday Weigh In:

Starting weight this week: (weight) 164 lbs (this is approximate because my scales are not very precise, I'm somewhere between 163 and 165 lbs)

Pounds lost (or gained): 0

How many pounds left to lose: 14 (I wouldn't mind losing 20 actually...)

I have lost a lot of weight once before (about 5 stone in total over a year and a half), the secret to it was lots of jogging and other exercise, plus eating 5 portions of fruit and veg by lunchtime, while cutting out the chocolate and cakes. If I can get my act together and make myself a salad for lunch on working days, the pounds will drop.

There are reasons and excuses which led to the weight gain. Reasons: Laziness. Love for carbohydrates and chocolate. Jee, I love chocolate. I can no longer commute to work by bike because the office is now too far away. Excuses: for 22 months, Cubling would not settle at night without boobie, and that meant that there was no time for me to ever go for a jog during day light. Then, for the last 3 months, I didn't jog for fear of miscarriage (what good did that do...). So no more excuses. I'm addicted to browsing the internet rather than getting off my bum and doing stuff. I pledge to do 30 mins of exercise a day, either in the form of brisk walk/jog/exercise class at lunchtime or in the evening, or by playing the Wii Fit.

Let the weight loss begin.

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Metropolitan Mum said...

I can only recommend what the others told me: take it slow and easy. Your plan sounds excellent. Very thought through and actually manageable. Getting started seems to be the hardest bit. (I am typing this whilst munching on my Nutella toast, so I know what I am talking about.)

Good luck! xx MM



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