Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wednesday Weigh In Week 3

Oh dear, second week and I'm already lapsing. Must do better.

Exercise: less than 2 hours on the Wii Fit (which is getting tougher the more exercise action I unlock, and I'm starting to enjoy it, so much so that curtains need to be drawn before I switch it on, just to avoid embarrassment with all our neighbours), one 30 min brisk walk at lunchtime. 20 mins cycling with Cubling to make it something of a workout. 60 mins of cycling to work. No jogging. Most of the exercise from Sunday to Wednesday, so I lapsed big time at the start of the week. However, the exercise I did do made me feel very good and much more positive about my shape. So I feel like my couch potatodom may get seriously challenged for the feel good factor alone.

Food: I didn't binge eat (I mention that because I actually do that far too much) but I had one fatty dinner out, one first birthday party dinner, 3 mummy and toddler gettogether (they equal cake) a work lunch (curry...) and on the remaining days I had something sweet and brown even if it really wasn't a lot. Add to that indulgence in pizza, never managing to just eat half. I've still not managed to eat raw food for lunch rather than sandwiches. At least most of my food was rich in fruit and veg which is good for changing my tastebuds.

Still I threw myself into one of my new pair of trousers and thanks to them being stretch, they are only slightly uncomfortable. Call it cheating. I'm keeping them.

Mondays at work are manic.
I'm love knitting (eats into exercise time, especially because baby for whom I'm knitting a blanket is inexorably moving on in weekcount and I'm panicking ever so slightly).

Goals for next week:
-stick to 30 mins of exercise a day - it's challenging enough, with increase of intensity.
-improve on food front. No cakes. Buy stuff to make salads over the weekend so it's ready on Mondays. Eat less and really cut out the fat.
-establish evening routine: exercise on the Wii Fit, then do knitting, TV and internet browsing. In fact, don't switch on laptop in the evenings (yeah right).

Now for the weigh in:

Starting weight: 164 lbs
Last week: 158 lbs
This week: 161

Pounds lost/gained: +3

How much to go: 11 lbs minimum, (17 lbs ideally)

I knew last week must have been a blip - you don't lose 6lbs in a week unless you eat nothing and exercise a lot.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Looks like we had a similar week. No binge is always good - as for me 'binging' is always a sign of things being not how they should be at the emotional front.
Impressed by your goals. I still try not to make too many plans as little L is not very predictable. Don't want to be too disappointed...

Margarita said...

Mine weight just didn't change. It didn't go up, but I wish it would go down!!

cartside said...

MM and Margarita,
It's quite frustrating if the weight doesn't drop despite the effort. I'm not so bothered about the weight gain because the drop the previous week was unreal.

Also, when starting to exercise after full sedantarism (or something like that, couch potatodom in plain English), one tends not to lose weight initially. I'm sure the pounds will start to drop for all of us very soon!

Kim Hong said...

Wow! 60 minutes of cycling to work? That's really imoressive!

Wait until you check out the EA Active Personal Trainer on your Wii, you might just have some fun while breaking a sweat! Hope you like it :)



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