Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Gallery: Playtime at the Tramway

The Tramway currently hosts an interactive installation for children 0-12 (Folding Clouds and Hoovering Hills) which we visited today. The installation brings the outside indoors, with items that you would expect to find outdoors or items that resemble the outdoors in the spacious Tramway theatre/museum. It's truly interactive - the children can create, craft, draw, run, make music etc. For example, the old tramlines are filled with soil and look like paths, there are mirrors the shape of water splashes, felt and cushion make for great hills. There's a den, a massive kaleidoscope, pots to make music with, a giant carton tube, giant pipe cleaners (like knitted snakes, just that you can bend them into shapes), a craft table with the option of exhibiting the creations in a construction from cardboard that resembles a beehive.

What I loved most about it is that it's a work in constant change - you can create flowers with shapes, and take them apart. The children create little pieces with craft materials, some don't complete them, the next child will pick it up and transform it into something different. It's collaborative and constantly evolving, you look away and back and the room has changed. Hours of fun.

So today, our playtime was at the Tramway, complete with a stroll through the Hidden Gardens. The installation is still up for another 10 days so if you're near Glasgow, make sure not to miss it (entry is free).



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