Monday, 30 August 2010

out in the back garden - Outdoor Monday

This week, our outdoor adventures have been limited. Baby's head is weighing a ton and my radius is getting smaller by the day, walking simply is uncomfortable. I'm glad Cubling still attends the forest kindergarten, especially because the weather has been rather nice and this is a lovely time of the year.

Sometimes though, you don't need to go far to enjoy the outdoors. Our back garden may be small but we are so lucky to have it. Today, Cubling took her play out to the garden. I was hanging out the washing, which is one of my most enjoyable household chores when it can be done outside, and Cubling decided that she'd like to do some ironing of the washing. She fetched her ironing board, her iron and some of the laundry and placed it outside.

Later on the items on the washing line were counted and we managed for the first time to get beyond 20, in German at least and with a bit of help.

We were also able to at last admire our first sunflower in bloom, alongside some insects who were equally impressed. Only a week ago we had feared that sunflowers were another write off in the garden, but low and behold, there are two small but perfect flowers:

Colour in our garden at last!
What were your outdoor adventures this week?



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