Wednesday, 18 August 2010


A while back, at some table top jumble sale at Bungo in the Lanes, Cubling discovered a flower press. She was delighted with the pink box with flowers on it. It was pretty clear she didn't quite know what it was for, but liked it anyway. She was delighted when she could have it (for a pittance of a price - I still can't believe that the as good as new wooden press was sold for close to nothing), and as soon as we were home, we went flower hunting.

It's a slow process, with one to two blossoms that can be pressed at a time, and the pressing process taking a week, it's become a little bit of a weekly routine for us. It's slow but easy and Cubling still enjoys finding flowers and seeing the end result. The colours are amazingly preserved, the texture is almost transparent, yet perfectly maintained - the wonders of nature seen from a different perspective. So Saturday is flower pressing day: Last week's flower is released, admired and stored, this week's flower is found, selected and pressed.

Now with a selection of flowers, we were able to take things a little bit further.

So, introducing our range of Cubling's pressed flower cards; I give you these:

The photos don't really do the pressed flowers much justice, it's one of those things you need to see to be amazed. Interestingly, Cubling likes the "plain" flowers best, such as clover blossoms, fern leaves and our flowering sage. The cards are simple but oh so beautiful. Cubling's "plainer" flowers and leaves make for perfect opportunities to arrange a meadow scene, while my preferred bigger flowers go better on their own.



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