Monday, 9 August 2010

Outdoor Monday: Cathkin Braes

It's a rare week where I can pick from a number of outdoor adventures. Luckily I displayed a proper pregnancy brain cell loss when I forgot my camera on Saturday, so the choice was easier if I wanted to show some photos. I'm still utterly annoyed at myself because Saturday was a very special day, what with N visiting all the way from New York.

Anyway, Sunday we decided after much toing and froing (the choices for family friendly activities are just fabulous in Glasgow in the summer) that we'd make the best out of the good (!!!!) weather and remember an outing 3 1/2 years ago - when I was also 9 months pregnant. The destination was Cathkin Braes, which is situated between East Kilbride, Carmunnock and Castlemilk just south of Glasgow. It's situated higher than Glasgow and offers fabulous views of the city and both meadows and forested walks. Historically, it's also the place where Mary Queen of Scots watched her troops being defeated by the army of Queen Elizabeth I (the battle took place just next to where we stay) in the 16th century.

We took a long walk through the heath, marsh, woodland and meadows and discovered plenty of wildlife - some too quick to capture on film. Cubling went from one discovery to the next and I felt I had a lot of learning to do with her constant enquiries as to names of plants. I really need to dig out some of my plant identification books.

Access to the country park is free of charge and it's ideal for walkers, mountain bikers, joggers, or even on horseback. The Braes are gentle and both toddler and 9 months pregnant proof. Take a picnic (there are no local services, bliss) and enjoy the views.



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