Sunday, 8 August 2010

What to do with my newfound freedom

There's no doubt now that I'm 9 months pregnant. I'm still confused about my week count, having due dates ranging from 30th August to 6th September, but even with the latest one I'm in my last month.

So yes, I feel tired and could do with an afternoon nap (so much so that at work I have been seen to go for a 10 minute walk just to avoid falling asleep, not because of the boredom of work, but irresistably leaden eyelids). When at home, Cubling is great for shouting Mami wach auf! as soon as I try and shut my eyes. Tomorrow I say. Tomorrow I'll be off work and Cubling will be at nursery. I can have a nap. Hurray.

Other than that I have no specific plans. My first true day of freedom and I'm still wondering what my priorities are. Getting the house fixed should be top of the list but I'd love to read a book, do some knitting and sewing, some gardening too, until my lower back will tell me to take it easy.

After a rubbish first 7 months (morning sickness, tiredness, chest infections, pelvic girdle pain) I'm feeling not too bad. It's all relative, obviously I'm not jumping about like a young deer, but I do remember how I struggled to walk any distance last time around while now I can do a fair distance before my back/hip gives out. I have much less heartburn which is nice. My feet though... They are beyond words. The skin has reached the point of maximum expansion I'm sure, at least it feels like it's about to burst any second. The only shoes still fit for wearing are with adjustable straps and even they hardly reach the velcro. Cubling is getting a bit more helpful these days what with fixing my shoes and actually picking up stuff from the floor when I ask her to (we had a few weeks of refusal and other behaviour that was bordering on the dangerous, like refusing to stop running or stay close by even though/because mummy can't run as fast).

So it's generally all good.
I'm still torn between getting things ready for baby and not wanting to tempt fate. Which is also why I still have the no longer required maternity wear (the kind of stuff that stopped fitting me at 7 months) sitting about. Your mind plays tricks on you at this stage, at least on me. But that's kind of normal too, right?

I'm doing some HypnoBirthing and Antenatal Hypnotherapy which a kind friend has passed on to me, but I've not managed to do some of the other birth preparation plans that are on my mind. I feel I need a bit more because I'm not as relaxed about it as I was last time. There's no lengthy birth plan this time, just notes in my pregnancy record.

Cubling is getting excited, she no longer thinks it's a plastic baby in my tummy and has started kissing and hugging it (about time, I was getting worried) although she still insists she only wants a baby girl.

So, any suggestions what to do with my 2 days of childless and workless freedom next week?



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