Monday, 16 August 2010

Outdoor Monday: Climbing Trees in Linn Park

This week, our outdoor fun took us to Linn Park. Believe it or not, the heat in our back garden was quite overbearing (at least if you're 37 weeks pregnant) so we decided to explore the leafy shades of one of Glasgow's urban park gems. Linn Park is really walking distance from us and runs along the banks of the White Cart water, south from Cathcart's picturesque Snuff Mill. The river has moulded a deep gorge into the landscape, and makes for ever changing views. It incorporates a golf course, play areas, large wooded as well as grassy areas. In spite of being landscaped it retains a  wild aspect to it, with lots of exploration in an easily accessible environment. It used to be my favourite running track, what with gentle slopes on one side and never ending steps on the other which made for an ideal short but demanding run.

On Sunday, the park with its woods brought a refreshing breeze to a hot day. The whole family came along and Cubling enjoyed playing hide and seek with her cousin and grampa, my little niece didn't tire of exploring the texture of falling leaves in the grass, and my nephew had a lot of space to impersonate Lightening McQueen or Buzz Lightyear (the confusion is all on my part, I'm sure nephew knew exactly who he was). There were perfect climbing trees, bugs, seeds and mushrooms to explore, and the accessible banks of the river make for perfect fishing with nets and rods.

The beauty of the park lies in it's spectacular setting which lends itself to ever changing aspects. It's big enough for it not to become crowded even on a busy Sunday afternoon. In a month's time, it'll be the ideal place for some brambling too. This time, we made daisy chains and double headed daisies, looked for fallen tree seeds and played a lot.

On Sunday, while the kids were busy having fun, we relaxed and watched, sometimes joined in, and had a perfect lazy afternoon.

 Linn Park will host a family fun day on 29th August, a perfect opportunity to visit if you haven't explored it yet.



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