Sunday, 22 August 2010

Music for giving birth to

Listening to music while labouring may not be everybody's cup of tea. I understand. But at least last time I did actually do it and methinks, if I remember correctly, which of course may not be the case, I sang along at times (surely much to the dismay of the midwife). It was probably more of a shouting along but you'd better ask Mr Cartside about the details.

What I do remember is that some music worked and other music didn't. The music that worked did wonders and I was really glad I'd taken the CDs along, especially after many people had said it was the last thing on their mind. Now while I'm sitting here with yet another evening bout of Braxton Hicks (they do disconcert me because I didn't have them last time and I always panic that it may be actual labour starting, especially as they are stronger than early labour was last time), I've put together my cd wallet of choice (I may not have all my toiletries for the hospital packed, you have to get your priorities right).

It's not my all time favourite list of music. It's more like the type of music that worked last time, that kept me calm, got me singing along and thus breathing. My favourites last time were Duke Special, Aimee Mann. So this time I added Radiohead, John Martyn, Jackie Leven, David Gray, Sinead O'Connor (the Lion and the Cobra for some good screaming), Sting, Counting Crows, Luka Bloom, Hothouse Flowers plus some obscure stuff, and plenty of HypnoBirthing and Natal Hypnotherapy. I picked specific albums which I know well and which have a fair amount of songs I know the lyrics to. All I hope is that hubby won't bring The Suburbs because I've listened to that album enough already.

Did you listen to music when in labour and what worked for you? Or did you prefer to smash the CD player into 1000 pieces?



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