Friday, 7 August 2009

is this it?

My sister in law had an appointment for a stretch and sweep this morning to which I drove her. Little girl is 4/5th engaged and she was 3cm dilated, that's 3 days before her due date and without having noticed anything at all. I remember it took me 12 hours of early labour and 9 hours of established labour to get to that point, and she hasn't felt a thing! Maybe she'll even go to 10 cm without feeling anything that would be fun.

However now she does feel something, vaguely resembling very early labour, so tonight might be the night. So excited. Tens machine is unpacked and we even found batteries, bag for hospital (including secret food supplies) is packed. And Cubling told baby "Komm raus!", if that won't help I don't know what.

On the other hand, as Cubling and her cousing were wildly running around the kitchen pushing birth ball and doll buggy (the latter had Peppa Pig in it) in every faster circles while singing a speed metal version of "Twinkle twinkle Little Star" (maybe to put Peppa in the buggy to sleep?) I wondered ever so slightly what little girl was making of all that noise and madness. Would she want to join the madness? Or rather have another quiet night tucked in in her mummy's tummy?

Come on little niece, we'll have lots of fun, just join us and you'll see.


Mwa said...

Good luck all of you!

cartside said...

Thanks! mini contractions have stopped and we're back waiting for things to get going properly.



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