Wednesday, 12 August 2009

weekend in pictures: Torry Bay, Culross, The Kingdom of Fife

A short walk from the picturesque and simply lovely Culross village is Torry Bay in the Firth of Forth, teeming with all kinds of shells, mini crabs and even anemoena. It's next to a cycle route, a train line, with swing park nearby. So much to see, stones to throw, shells to explore, feet to get wet, birds to watch and stones to jump off from. The smell and touch of seaweed, still wet from the ebbing tide. Situated between the industrial heritage and present of the Firth of Forth and the historic town, former Royal Burgh of Culross (which also has the loveliest pottery and crafts shop with cafe I've seen in a long time). The music of the sea and cockerels. A time to relax.

"Torry Bay nature reserve has artificial lagoons built from ash from Longannet Power Station, along with mudflats, a restored archaeological site, and the ruins of one of Scotland's earliest industrial estates. The reserve is part of a larger area of inter-tidal mud flats covering between Longannet Point and Crombie Point. Reflecting its international status for wading and wintering bird life it is a designated ‘Ramsar’ site. As a Site of Special Scientific Interest it is a key component in the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area under the Wild Birds Directive."


platespinner said...

What beautiful pictures!

Have tagged you with a meme(s) at mine if you would like to join in.


The wife of bold said...

This place sounds amazing and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Cartside! Did you have to put the snail picture first? I was just tucking into a big bowl of dust and lost my appetite... You know I love your pictures, but can't you start with flowers? Or cake?

cartside said...

MetMUm, so you don't eat snails then?!



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