Thursday, 13 August 2009

Wednesday Weigh In: this is getting boring

and I'm a day late so I'll keep this short. No movement on the weight front (ok, I think I lost 200g or so) and after my burst of activity last week, I've got to admit to a slump on the exercise front. However, I'm jogging again. It's still hard going, my legs are not used to it anymore, and if, like me, you can still remember what it felt to just run forever and actually enjoy it, when it wasn't a chore and the rhythm took over, letting your mind wander to wonderful places, it's depressing.
Still, I can now do 25 minutes before the asthma and wobbly leg threshold, yay.

Then there was cake in the office. Lots of it. I could have eaten more than two pieces a day though ;). If it weren't for cakes and biscuits, my diet would actually be something to be really proud of. Nevermind, nobody is perfect.

The lapsing on the exercise front has a reason. I'm sitting on hot coals, waiting for that "baby is about to come" phone call which will make me sprint into car and drive 30 miles. I can't concentrate. I don't dare to go far from the house/office, and for once, my mobile is glued to me night and day. We are now 4 days over, not a lot, but considering the signs we had a week ago that all was about to start, it's an eternity. I'm nervous. I'm emotional. Thrown between the highs and lows, the joy and the tears.

And I'm not even the one having this baby.

Check out how everyone else is getting on. Losing weight that is, not having babies. Though you're free to check that out too of course, just not on that particular site.

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Metropolitan Mum said...

Siiiigh... today was the 2nd time in row I cancelled my gym session at the last minute. Jogging? Not in a million years. I'd rather eat snails, hehe.
I think the only reason why I am still losing weight is the fact that I am breastfeeding. And dust, of course!
I seem to always eat the same stuff. What's in your diet?



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