Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wednesday Weigh In: So much going on

Well, I've been a bit of a headless chicken this week. Always on call for THAT phone call that could mean SIL is in labour and me heading to her house which is 50 minutes away, then to hospital which is 25 minutes from her house. Last night I dreamt she went into labour. The last time I dreamed this about a friend (9 years ago!), she did go into labour that night, so I'm ever so slightly on edge and actually almost forgot to stop off at the childminder on my way to work. Not sure what I thought Cubling would do in my office exactly.

This is roughly what I've been up to:
  • The baby blanket is finished. Little niece (yes, it's a girl!) you can come now, you'll be all snuggly, cosy and warm!
  • I've been working like a mad woman at work to make sure that my instant departure won't have a negative impact on my work.

  • In the evenings, there was lots of knitting, and insuring that I'd exercise at least every night I was at home, mainly using the EA Sports Active which I've got for review at the moment (and a proper review will follow soon). I'm still not comfortable exercising when away from home. Like, the fox may bite me or the kestrel chase me if I go running in Clackmannanshire. Of course it's only really about getting bum off the sofa, and any excuse goes.

  • I've made a big push to get my A Hat In Time charity knitting book off the ground with a target publication date of early September (right in time for Christmas shopping ;) ). At the moment, all patterns bar one are received, edited and now awaiting review by their authors, the book now also features lots of little stories from the work of Save the Children, as well as photos from the Knit One Save One campaign. I'm really hopeful that the final editing can be done by the end of August, and then all it takes is to publish it online. I've set up a blog page too (empty at the moment) hoping that I can market it from there.
So, on the weight front: Recap on 2 weeks: I did go on the EA Sports Active almost every night I was home, for about 30 minutes, using the hard option of its 30 days challenge (I'm tough you see). I ate reasonably well, all small and healthy main meal options and sweet treets were much reduced. However, MIL giving us a big pack of homemade shortbread and Hubby making a tray of tablet did not help. Oh and there was birthday cake. I'm not complaining of course ;)

I took it rather personal though when the EA Sports Active told me off for having missed a session out of the 30 day challenge - for goodness sake, I was away for the weekend, chasing up to 4 toddlers at a time in an attempt to try and give my 39 week pregnant SIL a break while friends, relatives and biting insects invaded her house!

And then, after all that effort, I forgot to weigh myself on Wednesday. And Thursday. So it's late but nevermind, here are the results of the German Dschüri:

Starting weight: 164
Weight 2 weeks ago: 163
Weight today: same
difference to last weigh in: zilch. nada. niente. rien. (I'm going to scream!!!!!)
Target weight: 150
How much left to go: 13 lbs (breaks down in tears)

Goals for next week: keep the good diet and regular exercise up but don't succumb to home baking. If I can keep this up, I'm doing good. And I'm sure with baby there'll be lots of walking, carrying, jiggling which surely will burn some calories. Above all, don't give up even if for all the exercise and good diet I didn't lose a gram. Try to go for a run. Try to go for a run. Try to go for a run. Better even, go for a run.

Go here to join the pound busters.


Mwa said...

I know that you know and you know that I know that you know, but muscles are heavier than fat, right? You may be doing fine with this.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Go Cartside! Go Cartside!
It's been pouring here last night. No chance to go out and go to the gym. Bummer :-)
How do you motivate yourself to work out at home? I just can't be able to do that.



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