Thursday, 20 August 2009

tomorrow is the day

Today my niece will be born, one way or another.
It's strange to have such certainty after waiting so long. Because my SIL is attempting a VBAC, she'll be induced 10 days past her due date. It's all very civilised considering the emotional rollercoaster of the last 2 weeks, the last 7 months in fact. Knowing that tomorrow is the day brings some calmness, at least for me.

Me and a mutual friend will be birth partners. I'm extremely honoured by this, excited, slightly anxious and unsure if I'll be any good at it, hoping all will go very smoothly.
Actually, I'm an emotional wreck by now. A post in draft form had to be deleted because it was written at a very low point. Suffice to say that there was a very low point today, and today, hopefully, there will be a very high point.
Focus on them, and keep a stiff upper lip. As if.

We are also hoping that there will be no hospital overnight stay, provided that delivery won't be by c-section. Please cross your fingers for my SIL that this will be the case, or you may even press your thumbs or do anything else that denotes good luck wishes in the culture you come from. She deserves it you see.

Broadcast may be interrupted depending on how little niece likes the outside world (considering she's not too keen to make an entrance by herself, she may have a few complaints).

8 pairs of welcoming hands ready to embrace you into this world. We've been waiting for you and are so looking forward to getting to know you. You'll meet a very clever big brother, a loving mother, a cheeky cousin, wonderful grandparents and doting aunties and uncles.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Fingers crossed from over the pont. I can only too well imagine how nervous she must be. You'll be a great birth partner, I am sure!

SandyCalico said...

Wishing you all the best of luck x

Mwa said...

The best best best of luck with it!

Sparx said...

Wow, I hope it went well, what a brilliant thing to be doing!

When you have hte time, your poo story is up on the carnival over at mine - happy auntie day!

smashedpea said...

Good luck to your SIL! I've had both an induction and 2 very much unwanted c-sections (we'd been planning on homebirths, you see....), and I know what it's like wishing for a VBAC.

Hope it works out for her (or has already worked out, given I'm late) and all is well with the little one and everyone else :)

Noble Savage said...

I thought inductions were contraindicated for attempted VBACs? Anyway, hope it all went well and your sis-in-law got the birth she wanted.

cartside said...

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Sparx for the inclusion in the carnival. Will have a look soon and can't wait to read all the stories!

Smashed Pea and Noble Savage - Tell me all about it, I was confused about the induction as well. Aparently, risk of uterine rupture increases but it's still not very hgh. Looking back, it was clear that baby wasn't ready yet and induction didn't lead to a labour that was sustained. Reminds me that it may be good to try and avoid induction at all costs. I don't understand why most hospitals are so keen to terminate pregnancy at 10 days past EDD, when risks only increase after 2 weeks past EDD.

Anyway, the main thing that always matters is that both mum and baby are fine. My SIL tried her best both times for a normal birth, and you can only try and that she did.



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