Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ooooh, here it comes! Wheeled invasion of the two-year-old mind

(photo by wobble-san via Flickr)
There has been another invasion in the mind of certain two year olds.

It makes a noise, it is fast, it has a spinning front, eyes, wheels. It goes through fields, splashing hay all around it. Above all, it's apparently super scary. In an exciting, pleasurable way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the...
Combine Harvester.

If you've ever seen Cars, or have an iphone where you can do stuff like watch films (I don't, not sure how it works, but a certain more techy savvy person hailing from New York does), go to 56 minutes and 14 seconds and THERE IT COMES. Your one and only Combine Harvester! The first tast of a car chase: piercing squeeks of delight, uncontrollable movements of hands, arms, legs and feet, the all body excitement mixed with just about bearable fear, the almost-hiding-behind-the-sofa-if-only-I-didn't-so-want-to-watch-it feeling. Of two two year olds. I would have loved to give you (and your kids) a flavour of it, but for all the merchandising out there, I cannot lay my hands on a video of the scene, even an image of the wondrous Combine Harvester. Shame that.

Cubling of course thinks it's a "come hamster". Bless her.

The iphone was rather popular and I'm proud to announce that Cubling is a rather efficient user of it now.
Unlike me.

And Cubling's first word upon waking this morning? You guessed right, it had to be: "come hamster!"

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