Sunday, 16 August 2009

weekend in pictures: Alva Parklands

Gusting Clackmannanshire winds, a mighty Fife seabreeze and glistening sunshine between threatening rain clouds. A weekend to explore and enjoy the sometimes wild beauty of Scotland.

A time to aim high with a helping hand, never losing sight of the desired place, to push the limits, venture further with every step, to explore old stones and towns:A time spent balance low and up high, testing heights and the safety of step:
Time to explore the flow of water and get wet
Time to throw sand with passion and delight:
Above all, to feel the wind in one's hair, to run, eat, drink, play, climb, sit and jump in the scenic shade of the Ochills and the salty air of the Firth of Forth, some last days of summer with the long Scottish summer nights noticeably drawing in.

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Anonymous said...

This is not Alva Parklands, it is the Johnston Park. Alva Parklands is the hall behind the old primay school.



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