Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Oh looky, a mossy jacket!

When I found out I was pregnant, I leaped right into this project. Understandably it was put on hold as my pregnancy ended in week 11, and I've done a lot of thinking what to do with this piece of knitting. It's not that I want rid of it because it reminds me or anything like that, no, it's just a lovely knit and it should be worn rather than be stacked away in my knitting basket. Anyway, I finished it after I'd finished knitting the massive project of a blanket for my little niece and really there was not much left doing.

I loved knitting it. It's done on biggish needles, with Rowan's Little Big Wool. I love all about it, the colour combination (which I get wrong often), the way it's knit in one piece and thus saves me hours of sewing up and finishing. The way the seems materialise as if by magic just by following the pattern and increasing stitches at the right points. They way the pattern makes no sense when you read it and it then oh so falls into place by just doing it. That it was a quick knit with lovely yarn. Many thanks to Fawn Pea for providing this amazing pattern for free on her blog, and I'm sure to be using another one of her patterns for another project soon!

So this is for an autumn / winter baby. Size 0-6 months and it's very warm. As my friend J. is currently in labour I wonder if it could fit her baby when it gets colder or if it'll be too small. I'm really knitting something else for her baby but that piece, well, turned out a tad bigger (as in 2-3years rather than 6-12 months size. Oh dear.) Or should it go to the baby of my friend whose due date is just a day before the one I had figured out for little button?

I haven't decided that but as you can see, there's plenty of babies about so it shouldn't be a problem. And I hope to knit a second one sometime in the future.


Mwa said...

You make me want to take up knitting.

cartside said...

Mwa, I can only recommend it. It's relaxing, soothing, and there's nothing like the satisfaction of making something out of natural materials, even if it's a very simple item.

Very Bored Housewife said...

Fellow knitter here, that's lovely might have to do make one myself, thanks for sharing.

Jules said...

Well, as the very grateful receivee of this cardigan I can say how wonderful it is! The wool is gorgeous and I love the design. Thank you so much - little Izzy will look so cute in it and will send you a pic xxx

p.s. You know Zimmermann's baby surprise jacket is also knitted in one piece as well if you're interested?



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