Friday, 29 May 2009

Awards and tagging time!

Can you see the blush on my cheeks? You may think it's caused by today's rather unusual dose of sunshine but no, I've been given three awards in just two days which is just lovely and nice. Thank you so much Emily at Maternal Tales from the South Coast and Midwife Muse for the Lovely Blog Award, and Amy at And 1 More Means Four for the Lemonade Award! A blush on my face is good news, making a nice difference to my recent palish-grey complexion, so I'm doubly pleased!

The Lemonade Award is about gratitude and needs to be passed on to 10 further blogs. Well, I'm very grateful to the above mentioned for thinking of me when giving me an award, to all my subscribers, to all my followers and those regular or irregular readers who haven't subscribed. I'm grateful to anyone who leaves a comment, or sends me an email or picks up the phone after reading a blog post. I'm grateful to the British Mummy Bloggers network for introducing me to so many fabulous blogs. So if you fall into any of these categories, and haven't received the award yet, please do consider yourself awarded!

I received the Lovely Blog award twice and should pass it on to 5 other blogs each. As the award has been making it around the blogosphere a lot I don't think I can physically find 10 blogs who haven't got it yet, so I'll nominate just a few that haven't received it yet.

It also comes with listing 5 current obsessions and 5 pet hates.

Current obsessions:
  • Google reader. I love having most of my favourite blogs accumulated there and being able to see new posts in one place. I haven't quite figured out though why some blogs, when I try to subscribe, don't let me do this.
  • Email. I'm an email junkie.
  • Switching off appliances at the socket where possible to save energy, cost and reduce risk of fire.
  • Finishing the knitted blanket for my new nephew/niece before s/he is born.
  • Skylark/Californian Lilac/Ceanothus thyrsiflorus. I adore the blossoms, can't go past one without stopping in awe.
Current pet hates:
  • Cars parked on pavements without leaving enough space for buggy or wheelchair to get past, so that both have to go out on the road to get past the car, drivers who don't indicate (I'm cheating a bit putting two into one...)
  • Getting a drip needle put into my right hand, just in case. Why oh why do they always have to pick the right hand? And why, if it only takes a minute to put these monsters in, do they do it "just in case"? I'm not exactly going to enter a one minute life or death situation am I? Just look at the state of my hand now, and all for sweet nothing.
  • Texting. I simply do not have the patience for it. Why does anyone text actually, if picking up the phone is sooo much quicker?
  • Sales phone calls at 6pm when I'm rushing to make dinner.
  • Vacuum cleaners that won't pick up fluff or my hair.
And I nominate:
Flavaknits for all that lovely sock knitting and all her great idea for my charity knitting book.

South Side Happenings
for keeping me up to date with all that's going on around me and finding those little gems in the south of Glasgow that I'd love to discover myself (actually, it's a blog I'd always thought about writing but never got around to, so it's fab it exists!).

South Side Yarns to celebrate the big 40 (and yes, J, we'll be garden partying with you), and for the beautiful flowers.

Daddacool for some seriously funny daddy blogging. (I think you've not been awarded this yet?)

And Craftivism rather fittingly for a post on the word "lovely".

I'm rather chuffed I got at least 5 links out of this. Phew.


Flavaknits said...

Thank You for the blog mention - will include it in my next posting! Hope you are doing well after your loss , its not easy.
Take care

Jules said...

Thanks S! I will try and update my blog this week (sorting through lots of holiday pics) but things are very busy - K started new job today and I am on training course (quite intense! fundraising manangement oo er) all week so poor A is at nursery for 5 days on her first week back!
Been reading some of your posts about your miscarriage and hope your candid sharing on your blog has helped as I'm sure it will help others.
Let's meet soon for cuppa, J xxx



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