Sunday, 17 May 2009

it's been rather sunny...

We're not so used to all of this sun that blessed us recently. After all, we set base in Glasgow, where it rains a lot, and the rest of the time it's overcast at the best of time. On the occasional sunny day, our little south facing conservatory heats up quickly. Usually though, it's a one off hot day and we're happy to come home to a bit of a tropical heatwave when we open the door.

Admittedly, last year (our first summer in our new abode, our first summer with a south facing conservatory), the plants suffered occasionally and still bear the signs of overheating. Nevermind, makes them look a bit more interesting.

Last week though, the sun shone all day for 3 or 4 consecutive days, and Cubling had left about the same number of crayons on the lovely white table which you can admire as a finger painting surface in the header image. Each day, those crayons melted a little bit more, making interesting patterns, until they started finding their way to the floor.

At which point we decided that in spite of the pattern being quite beautiful, it was time to do something about melting crayons. Just that it was too late. They refused to come off the table.

So daddy sprung into action to rescue our priceless Ikea table (I think they retail for about #7, and can someone explain to me why my laptop does not have a pound sign???). His fabulous idea was to take it out onto our garden path slabs and pour boiling water over it. The result is this:

I spare you the images of our garden path slabs.

Not sure what the lesson learned would be. Don't leave crayons in south facing conservatory if sun is forcast? Don't let daddy try and fix molten crayons on a table? Don't pour boiling water onto molten crayons, especially not on garden path slabs? Don't have crayons in the house in summer?

The lesson I'm still looking for is how to actually get rid of the now rather ugly wax on the table. I'm very tempted to just bin it and get a new one. But it does go against my attempt at not throwing stuff away if still in perfect working order. Or should we embrace our ugly, yet rather special Ikea Lack table?

Cubling's comment: "Messy!"

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