Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sometimes it's amazing how time flies. Here I am presented with a whole week off work and child cared for by the childminder, what an opportunity to catch up on a hundred things. If only. One day spent with contractions, one day spent in hospital, one day spent trying to stand without collapsing back into the horizontal (I'm exaggerating), and on Thursday I'm still wobbly on my feet. If I move to much, I see beautiful stars in front of my eyes, which is rather enjoyable as long as I make sure I'm nowhere near a flight of stairs.

I think this is called taking it easy. You try one thing and see how it goes, feel exhausted, yet hungry for something else. So while I decided that exciting items on my "what could I do on an unexpected day off work without having to race after Cubling"-list such as clothes shopping (and I do need clothes, having gone up 2 dress sizes now since before I got pregnant with Cubling, and worse, one dress size after having lost all my babyflabber, ouch) may have to wait because they involve too much moving, bending over etc which the stars don't like so much.

How about clearing out the wardrobe if I can't go shopping? Away with those size 10 clothes that I'll never fit in again, let's be realistic. One nicely packed bag for the charity shop. Feels good. I feel exhausted. This was harder than expected.

How about sewing? Good idea. You can sit while doing it. So I made these bags from colourful fleece material, ideal for storing away small toys that have a loose connection with one another. Our general wicker basket storing system seems to have limitation, toys that belong together are separated (boohoo I hear them cry at nighttime ever so silently) and smaller items get forever lost at the bottom of the baskets. I got the fabric from a seller on ebay, lovely stuff, and you can get baby blankets, cloth nappy boosters and wipes in the same designs. Or simply buy the fabric and make all of this and more yourself. So here's the finger puppets before and after:

Next, have lunch out with hubby. Nice. You can sit for that too.

Afternoon: raised beds are arriving, so how about some digging and preparing the ground for at least one to be put into place upon arrival. Right, this is stretching things a bit, but it's good to test the limits. So far so good. Can't wait to see Cubling's face when she'll surely climb into them. Lots of gardening waiting to get done, if I'm lucky, Cubling might help me with it. Tomato plants from a colleague who lives on a farm, the catch from a trip to the shopping centre, and oh so many plans for more.

Evening: Knitting while watching yesterday's episode of the Apprentice (which I missed when speaking to a friend to find out all the gory details of D&C's gone wrong. Did I already mention I must be going bonkers?. Why didn't I phone the friend who had a honky dory D&C? Nevermind, it was very good to chat). What's on my needles? Lots of squares, for a cosy baby blanket which will keep Cubling's new cousin warm in the winter. The race is on, 17 squares and 11 weeks to go. In between, baby hats for my pregnant and popping mummy friends, we're kind of all on round 2 now, and the third baby of this round was due last Sunday. There's already bets on whether baby is waiting until after our usual Friday afternoon get together or not.

Early bedtime. Cubling has a phase of sleeping through and in. There's a realistic chance of getting three 8 hour sleep nights in a row. I don't feel reluctant to share this biggest of mummy joys at the danger of receiving jealous mummy wraths at all, because I had to wait a long long time for those sleep through nights.

It was a really lovely day.


Metropolitan Mum said...

You deserve some sleep. I am not jealous. Nooooo...
Taking it easy sounds like a good idea. Somehow you don't seem to be somebody who easily sticks to this kind of plan.
xx MM

cartside said...

She slept until 8.30 am!!!!!! And again 2 hours after lunch. That's my girl. MM, I may well have made you jealous now, but look on the bright side, 2 years on and such nights will be yours. Time flies... :)



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