Sunday, 31 May 2009

a weekend in pictures...

Sometimes pictures say more than words. Here's a run up of the highlights of this weekend:

Cubling hanging out with pal M. (and their relevant mummies) at the Tramway Hidden Gardens (with plant sale)

My two beauties - Californian Lilac/Skylark and Cubling. Don't they go just perfect together ;)?

Toddler with a mission (and two watering cans)

Filling the paddling pool for the first time ever. Cubling's comment: Cold!

Cubling and her pal N. watering the raised beds.

Cubling squeaking with delight while trying to catch K.'s tail.

After the BBQ with friends and our 3 children, darkness falls and the BBQ doubles as an open fire to keep us warm and cosy into the night


Swinging high at Largs front

Fetching stones out of the bird bath at Granny and Grandpa's

Peeking out from the pond at Granny and Grampa's. One frog and so many tadpoles?


amy said...

gorgeous pictures i love the fire! and the big frog its huge! and the bird bath....erm i'll stop i love them all lol!! x

Mary T said...

Lovely pictures, someone has quite a talent!

cartside said...

Amy, the frog wasn't that big actually, just looks like it, we had to look quite hard to find him.
Glad you both liked the piccies! Now I only have to figure out how to get the text where it's supposed to go...



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