Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Today I would have been 12 weeks pregnant.

Today I would have told my work mates and a lot of other people that I was pregnant.

Today I would have gone to a double hen night in Edinburgh and told my colleagues there why I wasn't drinking the cocktails that we were getting shown how to mix, and how gutted I was not to be able to drink them.

Today I feel the loss stronger than before, but maybe today is the day I can finally say goodbye to this pregnancy. Well, almost, apart from a dreaded scan on Tuesday. I don't think I'll ever forget my due date though. 9th December 09.

Today I'm also looking forward to and preparing for long awaited raised beds coming my way, to become home to my suburban vegetable patch. I'm looking forward to some long awaited sewing and finishing the cardigan I knitted for my winter baby. It will be a lovely present for a winter baby that has passed the 12 week mark two or three weeks ago and is alive and kicking.

Today I enjoyed holding and chatting to a six week old baby and giggled when he possetted on my shoulder. I'm still wearing the top!

Today I was given a lovely award by one of my favourite blogs, Maternal Tales from the South Coast (maybe it was yesterday, but I'm a bit slow catching up), and the amazing Amy of And 1 More Means Four. I'll do my linking duties in another post really soon (not trying to put it off too long Emily!)

Today I promise there'll be more cheerful posts ahead!


Anonymous said...

Hi, just come across this one now ... Don't really know what to say apart from I'm so sorry! Uli

cartside said...

What can I say, Uli, but life doesn't always go to plan. Actually, it hardly ever does. Feeling much better today though! I was rather looking forward to showing off my bump in July and surprising yous all ;)

Anonymous said...

And what a brilliant surprise it would have been!! Good to hear that you are doing well today. Take care of yourself now! Thinking of you a lot, let's talk soon! Uli



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