Wednesday, 13 May 2009

what's this?

Here's a little riddle for my dear readers. I have a feeling that the answer is easier to find for the mummies and daddies amongst you. So, the big question is, what is this? And how did this piece of art come about? Answers in the comment box below please.
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Maternal Tales said...

Hmm - I even made the picture really big to get an extra good look at it, but it actually made it less clear!!

Is is a car??
A princess?
A boat on the sea?

Do tell. Love the colours whatever it is x

cartside said...

Nope. None of the above. Keep it coming.
You've got until Sunday night when I'll post another photos of what it looks like now after some daddy do that action.

Littlemummy said...

Is it a dog?

Maternal Tales said...

The crayons have melted...has that got anything to do with it?

amy said...

Is it a boat in the sea with the sun shining? I think it came about because someone left a pot of wax crayons on a hot radiator (it has happened to me!)

cartside said...

getting close.
we left a few crayons on the drawing table in the conservatory (aka play room). Then the sun came out and shone for a full day. The crayons are now fully attached to the table. Rather pretty I find, minus the lack of flatness which makes it a tad difficult to use the table.
Hubby tried to fix it and I can't wait to get back home on Sunday to take photos and post...

Metropolitan Mum said...

And I thought someone tried nouveau cuisine. 'wax crayons a la bonheur du soleil'. Mmmmyummy!



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